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Shopping in Beijing - Modern Shopping Landmarks (1)

Shopping in Beijing, you will lose yourself in this colorful world. Dazzling brands and shopping malls, always puzzle us and do not what to do. Today, I will introduce you some shopping landmarks, promise you have rich results without any run around here and there.

Shin Kong Place
Night View of Shin Kong Place

Covering an area of 180,000, Shin Kong Place is the largest single shopping store in China. Spacious shopping area, variety service industries and comfortable consumer experience, Shin Kong Place manages the top luxurious brands from Europe and America, and various characteristics consumer goods. Still there is a fashion food market, sales the delicious snacks and foods.

Shin Kong Place has absorbed many international brands of clothes and cosmetic such as Prada, Kenzo, Chanel, etc. Adds some Chinese brands, the entered brands has reached 700. Among these shops, many entered Beijing even China not firstly such as the French Fauchon. According to introduction, Fauchon has 100 years history. Only one shop in Asia nowadays. As the second shop in Asia and first shop in China. The Fauchon Shin Kong Place offers 400 import foods to Beijing consumers. Close to Fauchon, there is a Supermarket in 3,000 square meters offers various things.

Night View of Solana

Solana seems like a town air transported from Europe, combined with industry civilization and natural view perfectly. Everywhere is full of the innovation and pleasant surprise. In this international city absent water, Solana Blue Harbor owns advantage environment with three-side water. If you are there personally, you cannot believe such beautiful environment in this city center.

Compared with traditional shopping center, Solana Blue Harbor uses the blue sky and white cloud instead of the ceiling, natural wind instead of air-conditioning. Original European constructions, fitful street and less crowded people make a comfortable and charming opened shopping environment in Solana Blue Harbor for consumers. In several minutes, you will get the romantic Europe from crowded Beijing. Solana Blue Harbor has abundant functions such as catering, wine bar, entertainment, etc. This has become a tag of this area. With the development of surroundings, Solana Blue Harbor becomes the representation more and more obviously. So, Solana Blue Harbor will enhance its charming in these sides.

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