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Short but Excellent Day Trip in Beijing

Last month, follow my father, we enjoyed a terrific holiday staying in Beijing. I clearly remembered the exciting feeling on that day we explored Mutianyu Great Wall and the Summer Palace.

Mutianyu Great Wall

Tour guide is a young girl. She getting together with the driver picked us up from our hotel. First attraction is Mutianyu Great Wall. To be honest, I liked Beijing suburb area very much. In addition to the tranquil environment, I liked to enjoy the local atmosphere very much. Upon arriving at the foot of the Great Wall, I felt the magnificent atmosphere. Weather on that day showed a little hot, very shinny. We packed a bag starting the exciting climbing journey. My father walked in front of me. I followed him while he explaining some story he knows of Mutianyu Great Wall to me. The scenery here is so charming that I felt I was situating in the forests. This is my favorite feeling.

We passed through the wooden steps and arrived at the stone ground, long and clean. It is really best preserved building with large sale grey bricks built on. My father liked to research the building very much. He touched the brick and carefully appreciated the gaps between these bricks and the holes. These holes seemed to be designed specially according to the history conditions. After that, he took out the camera taking pictures with these history prints. We went on hiking and climbing. Everything here seemed to be existed in the ancient times. For about twenty minutes walking, we came to the foot of watchtowers. It is really the watchtower building, delicate and grand. It is designed typical and different from the watchtowers I saw in the book. It is built not on the ground but lower according to the terrain. We entered into appreciate the inner structure. Inner is dim and little black than the outer side. There are many children climbing the window playing. It is truly dangerous behaviors.

Summer Palace

In the afternoon, we were transferred to the downtown area to visit the Summer Palace. It is a large scale royal garden full of royal tastes. My father paid much attention on Suzhou Street. Tour guide told us the origin of this place. It was built for entertaining the princesses. In order to let them appreciate the gardens of south China, emperor ordered to build this Suzhou Street for entertaining.

We just leisurely enjoyed the tranquil atmosphere and terrific attractions, truly impressive!