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Short Journey, Fun and Exciting

A couple of weeks ago I thought I could never actually get to see the Great Wall. But fortunately enough my meeting with my superior got cancelled, so I got an entire day off work. I got to Beijing on a train ride very late on Monday. My tour guide picked me up and took me to the hostel where I checked in and then went to bed.

Mutianyu Great Wall

The next day I got up nice and early and after my tour guide showed up at my hotel, we headed off to the Great Wall on a van. This was the first time that I booked a tour to visit the Great Wall while I was on a business trip to China the whole time. Being first time visitor to the Great Wall, I got so excited and I wanted it to be done in the right way. On the ride over there, I had some small talk with my tour guide. She was very funny and knowledgeable. We got to Mutianyu section around 10:00am and headed off to the wall the minute we jumped off the van. My tour guide told me that this section of the wall was the less visited of the wall and not busy like some other sections. I got two hours to explore the wall. I got to say it felt really great to stretch my legs for a while after weeks of work and business.

The walk on the wall was fun and incredible. I saw a couple of towers on the wall - all in different shapes and sizes. Great pictures were all over the wall as the snaking wall meandered upon rugged mountain and disappeared into the remote horizon. After two hours of walking, it was time for us to get down the wall. The toboggan ride down the wall was more fun. It was just a shame that I only got half day to explore the wall and take in the refreshing countryside. Anyway, I am really glad that I have seen one of the Seven Wonders of the World. After we got down the wall we then headed back to the hostel.

I completely enjoyed my walk on the wall and it was probably the most fun stuff I did in China.