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Different Sightseeing in Different Sections of Great Wall

No visit to the Great Wall seems you did not visit Beijing. I decided to have a Great Wall tour to explore the fact of the Great Wall. This passage is for reference only.

Badaling Great Wall

First arrived at the most famous section – Badaling Great Wall. Badaling Great Wall is the most well-preserved section, also the most representative section, the essence of the Great Wall in Ming Dynasty. At same time, if you have visited other sections of the Great Wall, you will discover this section is well-maintained by government, and opened as the tourist part for travelers. The Great Wall at Badaling is the advanced guard of Juyongguan Pass, the important pass of the Great Wall. With the height of 1,015 meters, this section is strategically located and difficult of access and is the outstanding of the Great Wall. With superior geographic location, Badaling Great Wall is the important transportation for Shanxi Province, Inner Mongolia and Zhangjiakou City. Badaling Great Wall was listed into the World Cultural Heritage and one of the Seven World Wonders.

Mutianyu Great Wall

Second, the Mutianyu Great Wall, located at Huairou District of Beijing, 73 kilometers from Beijing downtown. The Great Wall at Mutianyu connects the Juyongguan Pass in west and Gubeikou Great Wall in east, which is the military pass since ancient times. Now it is one of the most well-preserved sections of the Ming Great Wall. The right seasons for the Great Wall at Mutianyu include spring, summer, autumn and winter. Different time, you will enjoy different feelings of the Great Wall. In spring and autumn, the view of Mutianyu is always attracts large number of tourists. The winter of Mutianyu is famous for its scenery of snow, but bad weather is not fitful trip.

Huanghuacheng Great Wall

Third, the Hanghuacheng Great Wall, famous water Great Wall, was built in Yongle Emperor of Ming Dynasty with 600 years history. After capital was built in Beijing by the Emperor of Ming Dynasty, and tomb was built in north of Huanghua Town, the Great Wall is not only guarded the north gate of Beijing, but also protected the Ming Tombs. Huanghuacheng Water Great Wall is shaped by the river dam result in the water level higher, so the lower section was flood in the water. This is unique scenery in sections of the Great Wall. Huanghuacheng Great Wall is the only one Great Wall has three sections in water in China.

Above is my exploration to three sections of the Great Wall, according to your needs and like, choose the fitful section to enjoy the scenery of the world famous Great Wall. It is only three sections, if you like, you can visit more sections of the Great Wall, you will find more interesting things and views.