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Significance of the Great Wall

Great Wall has been rented as the landmark of China. It has influenced Chinese history and development. In other words, Great Wall is the witness of Chinese culture and history. Today, let us walk into the significance that Great Wall brought!

Great Wall in China

Influence on Chinese History
Since the Great Wall started to be built, they had become the symbol and the representative of great China. For the two thousand years, any one could not divide the Great Wall, so they could not divide China. As the military defense system, Great Wall, in some degree more symbolized Chinese military industry, national safety and national consolidation. Earlier in the South Song Dynasty, Great Wall has the same meaning as the national defense. During the Ming Dynasty, the symbolic significance of Great Wall spread abroad. In the Anti-Japanese War, Great Wall also conducted a very key function. It wakens all the Chinese people to fight against with strong heart. Later, in the national anthem, Great Wall also appeared to inspire the soul of Chinese people. Some people always said that you will do not know China without appreciating the Great Wall. It is equal that tourists never leave China without climbing the Great Wall. For the strong influence that Great Wall aroused always promote Chinese civilization.

Influence on the World
About the strong and long-distance wall buildings, Great Wall not only arouses deep influence on China but also in the world. In the earlier time, all the foreigners have no chance to enjoy this wonder. It is certainly there were no certain concepts in their mind. Until standing at the foot of Great Wall, their ideas to China have been changed. It is said that in the year of 1793, the famous ambassador of England came to China, they passed through the Gubeikou Great Wall and got close to the legendary world wonder. After that, they designed the famous China Landscapes. This picture of China landscapes vividly described the Great Wall shape and appearance zigzagging, falling and down stretching to the far distance. Later, there were celebrities recorded for this picture: if the Great Wall is just the appearance the picture said and illustrated, it is no doubt that the most magnificent building that built by the hands in the world.

Great Wall is truly all the signs that the world people. If you want to really mixed to this elegant atmosphere, join us!