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Simple Tour, Amusing Experience

Last Saturday, my friends and I, we enjoyed a lot in Beijing Badaling Great Wall. It is a fabulous elegant section with so many traditional tastes. I liked its elegant appearance and the fresh sceneries around, I also liked the atmosphere with so many traditional buildings. I had ever imagined I could explore such a terrific tour just within half day. We only have half day lingering. This tour fulfilled our half day holiday in Beijing.

Badaling Great Wall

We met our tour guide at the gate of hotel. He is a handsome boy with informative knowledge. We enjoyed a harmonious communication on the whole journey. Perhaps, we are all very interested in Beijing history and culture that we have same points in the topic we related. Badaling Great Wall under the sunny weather showed very vigorous and fresh. First time coming here for appreciating, I was fascinated by its appearance. With so many bricks built around, Badaling Great Wall is just like a history old man telling a series of history stories to us. Touching it, cold and hard! There are so many grasses growing everywhere, even some appearing in the gaps of these bricks. The wall building winded and zigzagged stretching to the far distance. After hiking on the half journey, we all got very tired. Each step is higher than the original. We sit on the corner and appreciated the sceneries far distance. Air here is unique fresh with tranquil environment. Tourists coming here are not so many than we expected.

After about half an hour, we went our hiking. Watch towers left us the deep impression with high and special function. With well-designed idea, they are like the guarders protecting the suburb area. Through the widows, I experienced the war time appearance. The Chinese soldiers just stood inside for observing the enemy condition in the far distance, lifelike. Inside, there are several vendors selling the souvenirs. They added some modern atmosphere to this sophisticated building. We went on hiking, shouting and laughing. The happiest moment left in my mind. What makes me depressed is the carving. For the world wonders, carving should be forbidden. We should protect it but destroy. We took many pictures for our success. It is truly a dragon hovering around the mountain.

Badaling Great Wall left my holiday a deep appearance, my half day tour is so excellent and perfect!