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Soak up Fascinating History in Beijing

By far the best trip I ever did in Beijing! Visited a couple of historic sights in the city. Highlight is no doubt the Great Wall and Forbidden City. Never been to Beijing before and not disappointed at all the first time I was there. Definitely once-in-a-lifetime Chinese experience!

Mutianyu Great Wall

First day my guide took me to see the Great Wall at Mutianyu and Ming Tombs. In the morning we went to visit the Great Wall and did an incredible hike and sightseeing on the wall. The wall was wonderfully built on the rugged mountains. The sight was very impressive as the wall snaked its way into the horizon. The day was great for a hike on the wall and the air on the top of the mountain was quite crispy. I really loved it over there and had fun as well! Getting down the wall, we had lunch and some rest. We then hit the road for the tomb area in the afternoon and spent a few hours down there. Had a stroll down a stone-paved path lined with lovely animal statues and then went to visit an underground tomb. Personally, I did not enjoy much while touring the creepy tomb. Other than some tacky exhibits, there was not much to see down there. After the tomb, we got back to the city proper and stopped by the Birds Next and water Cube to take some photos. First day ended on a pleasant note.

Next day, I was taken to visit the Tiananmen Square first and then led to visit the Forbidden City. The complex is really huge and more like a crisscrossed maze made of palaces, courtyards and walls. The architecture itself was all very impressive and it was nothing like what I have seen on TV or the magazines! Strolling through the massive maze felt like traveling back in time and I felt dizzy from time to time while moving here and there with our guide. She kept filling us some history and stories about the imperial palace and that made our visit more fun and enjoyable. Exciting the imperial complex, we were led to another historic site - Temple of Heaven. The park is larger than the Forbidden City and the architecture down there was quite different from what I saw in Forbidden City. After lunch we were led to duck down some Hutong alleys in the afternoon. The end!