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Some Great Wall Sections Cut Off by Mine Companies

As the word heritage sites, Great Wall is facing big danger. With profound history and deep traditional culture, Great Wall is regarded as the treasure of China. However, for the economy developing, many sections are facing cut off by the mine companies.

Great Wall in China

Great Wall in Inner Mongolia
For some extent, Great Wall is always rented as the national symbol of China. Earlier in the Qin Dynasty, magnificent buildings were built up. Located in the north part of China, the Great Wall buildings set up are to be the residence of nomads and many wars happened and many other sections are built as the guard systems. At last, numerous valuable Great Wall sections were left. Built in the Qin, Han and Sui dynasties, Inner Mogolia Great Wall extended as long as roughly 150 thousand kilometers. It is so long that equal to over 30 percent of the total length of Great Wall of China. Although long distance buildings were built, only one third of the walls remained nowadays. According to the local farmers, Wang Dafang section has been disappeared.

Why Damage cannot Stop
The serious damage cannot stop for three reasons: natural force, human being destruction and lack of knowledge. First, the bad environment caused the Great Wall destruction. Most of the sections lied in the desert in Mongolia, so the desert causes big damage. It cannot be changeable for the natural destroy. But the damage created by human can be controlled. Why the human damage the Great Wall so many years without stopping? The big reason is that the punishment is not server. In addition to the upper two reasons, lack of neighborhood knowledge also impacts the protection work. Most of the local farmers have no ideas about the wall in their hometown. So, we should adopt methods to warn the people and let them know what the real wall is and educate them relative laws.

After this case, more effects were put into the protection of the wall. In the year of 2010, there are 38 farmers contributed into the protection. Their main duty is to inspect the wall sections in remote areas as well as propagandize the protection knowledge of the cultural relics. Now, there are two protection station were established. So, the Great Wall built here can receive good protection.

Let us get together and protect the world heritage!