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Special Red Leaves View in Beijing (1)

Presumably, most people want to seek the taste of fall in this beautiful autumn. So, there are large amounts of tourists to Fragrant Hill every year. If you want to enjoy red leaves without crowded, you should find other places instead of Fragrant Hill. In fact, outdoor fans all know that Fragrant Hill is not the ideal place in Beijing to enjoy red leaves. There are three points about enjoying red leaves. First, see the bright-colored from middle October to last ten days of October. Second, see the forest is all colored by red, from last ten days of October to beginning of November. Third, see the falling leaves, from beginning of November to middle of November. Besides Fragrant Hill, there are many ideal places to enjoy red leaves with less crowded in Beijing.

Beigong National Forest Park
Beigong National Forest Park

Driving along with the Lianshi Road and 20 minutes driving distance from 4th Ring of Beijing, you will find the scenery becomes more beautiful and pleasing with more trees and rolling terrain. Continue to west when get off 6th Ring and pass through a lane in forest, arrive at the destination – Beigong National Forest Park, also known as the nearest mysterious place out of the world. Although it is not weekend, people gathering at front of the door, and most of them are aged people and they enter park for free depend on Older Card.

Red Leaves in Beigong National Forest Park

Cross a small hill, you will get the open sight with the view taking you to regions south of the Yangtze River. Go on entering the forest, there will be fewer people and easy road. Up to the mountain, you are companied with trees and breathe the fresh air. Walking along in about half an hour, you will get the top of mountain. There are various flowers blossom, especially the coreopsis. At foot of mountain, there is a mini zoo attracts sights, including monkey, bear, deer and horse, among which the monkey house is most popular with several lively monkeys.

You may ask where the red leaves. Indeed, the whole mountain is still green, but you can find most trees are colorful tree, and rare leaves changed to be red unable to bear.