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Special Red Leaves View in Beijing (5)

Most people all are know about the beauty of red leaves in Fragrant Hill, but do you know the real beautiful red leaves live? Now, you will have chance to know other places with beautiful red leaves.

Tanzhe Temple in Mentourgou District
Autumn View in Tanzhe Temple

The beauty of red leaves in Tanzhe Temple had famous all of the Peking in Ming and Qing Dynasties. Autumn is the most beautiful season of Tanzhe Temple. Old temple sits at Pingyuan Village which was planted full of persimmon, hawthorn, autumn pear and some colorful trees. After a wind, the red leaves fly in sky, seems like the elfins dancing in sky. The entire mountain is covered by pieces of red leaves. That is one of the most famous Tanzhe Ten Views – Pingyuan Red Leaves in Qing Dynasty.

Autumn of Tanzhe Temple not only has the intoxicating red leaves, but also the surprised old trees with thousand years' history. With various golden yellow leaves, these trees seemed like dressed in the imperial robe, especially the Diwang Tree and Peiwang Tree at back of Daxiong Baodian. Enjoying red leaves in golden autumn is the tradition of local Beijingers. Avoiding people stream and crowded, you can find a piece of quiet in old temple, experience the colors of Tanzhe Temple and appreciate the shock of thousand-year-old trees.

Cuiwei Piedmont – Quiet Red Leaves
Red Leaves along Cuiwei Piedmont

Round of Cuiwei Piedmont, there is no vast area of red leaves, and only several trees. Even there is no more people to enjoy red leaves here, because you can see then at both sides of road. Villagers said that there is almost no tourists come here to enjoy small area of red leaves, just the relatives of villagers could climb mountain to see these red leaves. And the local kids climb mountain to pick red leaves as bookmarks. If you have chance come here, the village sits at foot of mountain is worth to visit. There are many old temples, such as Longwang Temple, Baiyi Guanyin Temple, Guandi Temple, etc. and some of them are national key cultural relics protection. Even the stones in front of houses are all old said by villagers. It is really a quiet village, here you have feeling of traversing.

Baiwangshan Forest Park in Haidian District
Autumn View of Baiwangshan Forest Park

Located short distance from Fragrant Hill, but less crowded. It is said that it is the gathering place for fans of climbing nearest from Beijing downtown. Although it is only 210 meters in elevation, it is the ridge of Taihang Mountain entering Beijing city. not a weekend, there is not many tourists and walkers, always quiet and revealed the historical feeling of vicissitudes. The begin section of road is steeper, but it become more and more flat and you can see some sporadic red leaves and sergeant gloryvine. It is said that red leaves here would be red in beginner of November. At that time, climb to the top of mountain to overlook the whole red leaves is the really enjoying red in Beijing.

The only enjoying red is not the aim of tourists. With good environment and fresh air are all the necessary conditions supporting it.