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Special Visit to Huanghuacheng Great Wall

Beijing has become the must-explore city in China among tourists from all over the world. Among Beijing scenic spots, the most attractive will be the Great Wall. Long distance, dragon style equipped with tranquility and unique charming made the Great Wall list as world wonder. Today, I would like to lead you enjoy the typical Huanghuacheng Great Wall.

Huanghuacheng Great Wall

Typical Feature of Huanghuacheng Great Wall
Maybe for the tourists, Badaling Great Wall and Mutianyu Great Wall are the most famous. However, Huanghuacheng is the most famous summer resort among locals. Also equipped with profound history and deep traditional cultural connotation, Huanghuacheng Great Wall was built in the Ming Dynasty. Located in the Huairou District, the Great Wall has been surrounded by typical charming landscapes. Measuring about 10,800 meters long, Huanghuacheng Great Wall is a resort with mountains, lakes and the ancient wall. For the fans of photographers, it is the ideal place. For the beautiful name, because during the summer, the entire village under the foot of the wall will be full of yellow wild flowers, so this village got the name of Huanghuacheng and the Great Wall is endowed the name of Huanghuacheng Great Wall.

Legend about the Characters of Jin Tang
Once arrival in Huanghuacheng Great Wall, tourists wills see the two big characters on the cliff by the wall. These two words have the meaning of the firm and strong. Most interesting is that there is a legend about the origin of these characters. It is said that in the Ming Dynasty, the emperor ordered a man called Cai Kai to build this Great Wall. For building this Great all attraction, it took about many years, so the emperor got very angry while many ministers scolded that Cai Kai had spent too much money. At last, Cai Kai was beheaded. Later, when the emperor checked this Great Wall, he found it was built very strong and firm. He found he had treated Cai Kai unjustly. Then he ordered the craftsmen to crave these two characters. After that, this wall is also called Jintang Great Wall.

Things to Do on Huanghuacheng Great Wall
Visit this section of the Great Wall, it is said there are four things to do. The most important one is taking photos here with the typical charming sceneries. Since the lake breaks this section into these segments naturally, the uniqueness will surprise you!

If you want to take pictures with the ideal Great Wall environment, Huanghuacheng Great Wall is right!