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Spelunking in Beijing

Nothing beats a spelunking experience while visiting Beijing during summer days! Get a little bit off the beaten path and go underground – it is the best way to escape from the city noises and crowds. Here is one of the most sought-after caves in Beijing!

Overview of Tianhua Cavern
Tianhua Cavern

With a total length of 2000 meters, Tinahua Cavern is permeated by a stream, the stream flowing all the year round, the water is very clear. The area is dominated by semi humid continental monsoon climate, the average summer temperature is 22 ℃, hailed as top summer resort in Beijing. The area features more than 96% of vegetation. The mountain peach, wild chrysanthemum, Rhododendron simsii and dozens of other wild flowers can be found all over the area. The area also is home to a wide variety of fruits, like walnut, chestnut, jujube, haw fruit trees – every year more than 1000 visitors come here for autumn fruit picking. The mountain hare, pheasant, the squirrels, badgers, roe deer, Fox and so on also call this area home. Mountain spring water flows continuously, which meets the national drinking water standards. With the rocks inlaid in the 3 meter high stone wall, the cavern covers a total area of 2000 square meters. In the cavern covering more than 30 meters, on the right side there is one hole, about 7 meters high, 1 meters wide, and 20 meters deep, there are many stone buildings, some like columns, some like turtles, some like snail, some like various appliances.

What to Explore in the Cavern
Tianhua Cavern

Along the cavern, it is more complex with path leads to many parts of the underground world. Chalcedonic drip condensation played a key role in forming the odd shapes sights. Go on for about 20 meters, the darker light, but more odd stone shapes. Listed in the straight or curved or inclined, some like monkeys stealing peach, some groups such as the boy climbing, as some old men ploughing, and some like the old monk meditation or playing Boy Scout. Some, like some sheep run, like some dogs lie, as some suddenly and swiftly, and some such as lion head of deer...... Extraordinary sights all over the cavern as if done by the spirits, true to life likeness and dizzying. With another step, the light is dark, while talking to each other cannot be identified.

Overall, Tianhua cavern is well worth exploring while visiting Beijing!