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Strolling around Snack Street in Beijing

For Beijing tour, apart from the mysterious building visiting, try the local snacks is a must. Gathering various tastes and flavors, they have received high praise in the tourists.

Beijing Snacks

Donghuamen Snack Street
Once night falls, wandering around Donghuamen area, you will be lured by the typical wafting aroma of cooking. No matter which corner you strolled, you will smell the flavors of old Beijing. This time, you just need to choose your favorite to enjoy the tranquil dim night. Located at the northern entrance of Wangfujing Street, Donghuamen Snack Street is the most popular snack street in Beijing. Here, you not only can find the local snacks with fresh and luring appearance but also snacks from other regions, such as Sichuan and Taiwan, etc. Different store is full of different tastes. Anyone can add more pleasures to your Beijing tour. Under the dim of the moon light, sitting around the small table with your friends, it is extremely a kind of enjoyment.

Ghost Street
Ghost Street is a terrific snack street full of flavors and night romances. Most of the restaurants established in the street are open around the clock. For the tourists who are night owl, Gui Street will be an ideal place to enjoy. You can spend the time until the wee hours of the morning. The busiest time on the street is usually in the late hours of the night. The specialty here is the Spicy Lobster. Choosing one old chair inside an ancient courtyard house, it is fully relaxed to enjoy the delicious snacks and enjoy the Beijing night life.

Typical Hao Yun Jie
It is translated into the Good Luck Entertainment Street. Located in the Chaoyang District, Hao Yun Jie is a special entertainment street full of exotic atmosphere. So, for the lovers and couples experiencing special festivals, it is a best place. Not only the snacks, you also can find fast food outlets and as well as restaurant-style delicacies, various bars and art everywhere. Just entertaining in the street, speak out your inner heart with your relatives or friends, Hao Yun Jie waits for you.

If you want to enjoy typical Beijing nightlife, snacks streets will be best place!