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Summer Enjoyment in Yanqi Lake

During summer season, most of tourists want to have a tranquil enjoy, enjoy natural sceneries and get fully relaxed. For the metropolis city - Beijing, tourists should bravely research the fantastic spot. I will introduce you a leisurely holy land for summer tour - Yanqi Lake.

Beijing Yanqi Lake

Overview of Yanqi Lake
Located at the foot of Yanshan Mountain, about 37 miles from the city center, Yanqi Lake gained the first feature, tranquility. Yanqi Lake was opened to the public in the year of 1978. First time coming here, tourists will be impressed by the wonderful natural waterscape and the colorful aquatic amusement facilities. Being composed by east and west lakes, this natural land is mainly covered by the water area with 275,000 square yards. It is regarded as the coolest land for being surrounded by three mountains, Jundu Mountain, Hongluo Mountain and Jindeng Mountain. Yanqi Lake is just like a pearl inlaid in the verdant valley. What the most impressive is that Hefangkou Great Wall winds up and down on the northern ridges adding ancient atmosphere to this fairy land. The adventurous location with large scale of vegetarian makes this area mild and moist climate. The blue lake with lush aquatic plants creates an ideal environment attracting flocks of birds.

Colorful Amusement Facilities
For the tourists who are interested in the mountain sceneries, the mountain sightseeing area will be a terrific area. Especially during summer season, luxuriant trees make this area become the ideal paradise. Also, tourists could choose to appreciate the Hefangkou Great Wall. There are two main entertainment areas to keep visitors busy and enjoy themselves. One is located to the west of the entrance. Water-theme activities, such as the speedboats, dragon boats could satisfy your desire of seeking happiness. The other is located to the northwest of the entrance. For the tourists who are interested in the adventurous and exciting amusements, water skiing, flume ride and bungee jumping, it will be extremely appropriate. The most important is that there established the venue for the APEC 2014 meeting on the western bank. Apart from this, there are excellent hotels established nearside. During the relaxing period, tourists also could enjoy various Chinese cuisines, such as the Hot Pot and barbecue.

If you have mixed into its typical beauty, join us without any hesitation!