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Summer Fruits Picking in Beijing

As we all know, autumn season is a golden period when all the harvests dropped. However, for the coming summer holiday, there are also many precious places housing luxuriant fruits for tasting and picking. Fruits picking could satisfy your desire of getting rid of the hot summer and fulfill your farm experience! Taking your stomach and hottest interests, let us walk into the harvest area of Beijing.

Grapes Picking in Daxing District
Grapes Picking

When the summer comes, we could see all kinds of grapes ranking in the markets, shopping centers and street peddler. We always regarded the grapes as the eyeball of people, because of its clear and crystal features. When summer comes, Daxing District will be full of thousands of tourists roaming in the grape garden. Once entry into the grape garden, various, all kinds of big purple dazzling grapes appeared into your vision and conquered your stomach. You could not help to pick one and foist into your mouth. Typical sweetness and fragrance flavor flow into your body and eliminate your summer heat. Picking together with your friends and families will be more exciting. Experience the unique happiness of farm land, your summer holiday will be perfect! These grapes are not the common. In the world, they enjoyed high fame and divided into different classes. So, coming here, you have the right to choose which one would fulfill your stomach.

Watermelon Picking
Watermelon Picking

Watermelon plays a very important role in the summer. Now, the most famous place for watermelon picking will be the Panggezhuang in Daxing County. Covering a large scale area, various watermelons are reaching their utmost fruits, big shape and clear texture. Mixing into the leisurely watermelon garden, picking one watermelon, it will be another spirit of enjoyment. They not only seize the first in the shape but also enjoy high fame in the tastes with unique fragrance. Before your picking, you should get some information how to understand their quality. Local farmer will tell you about their features and colors and texture. Finally, you successfully picked one and shared it with your friends. Taking your kids to experience the farm life is very meaningful experience for their summer holiday.

If you are still boring about your summer holiday, follow us and have a terrific fruits picking holiday!