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Summer Leisure in Jingdong Grand Canyon

Have you prepared for your summer holiday? Although summer will make the people full of sweat, terrific summer holiday could be realized if you pay special attention! Today, I would like to lead you to walk close to the water and mountain world – Jingdong Grand Canyon.

Jingdong Grand Canyon

Spectacular Appearance of Jingdong Grand Canyon
Located in the suburb area of Beijing, Jingdong Grand Canyon is equipped with the first feature getting away from the bustle life. Among local people, it has another name called Wulongtan Grand Canyon with the coverage area of about 6 square kilometers. Housing the Grand Canyon and the Jingtan Mountain Scenic Area, this natural scenic spot has become the most popular choice during summer holiday. First coming here, what impressed the tourists will be the steep mountains and deep valleys. It offered a wide range of beautiful landscapes to the tourists here. Especially during summer holiday, unique cool feeling and breeze could fully purity your summer boring. Entering inside, the green hills, pearl waters, spectacular Karst caves, deep ponds, wide valleys and plunging waterfalls will give you a shock. Apart from this, hundreds of pine trees growing in it would also shock you.

Dazzling Main Scenic Spots
If you came here what the must-enjoy scenic spots will be the Wulong Pond, Tongtian Gorge, Plank Roads, Longmen lake and the Holiday Village. Each of them houses unique features and typical characters. First, the Wulong Pond is truly an amazing pearl with five ponds. Most interesting is that each of them has unique shape with lifelike name. From the far distance, the lovely Tongtian Gorge looks like a long slit with a heaven-reaching peak splitting by an earthquake. If you want to challenge the thrilling and the terrifying, you could walk on these plank roads which are held up by shaky steel cables.

Entertaining Items
If you think these natural landscapes having been enough, then the entertainment items could lead you reaching the utmost happy. Measuring about 1,000 meters long, the Scenery Aerial Tramway could lead you get the whole scenery of this scenic area. Choosing drifting here will be the most popular sport, especially during summer.

Jingdong Grand Canyon is waiting for your summer holiday!