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Attractive Scenic Spots in Summer Palace

There are more than 100 scenic spots in the Summer Palace and nearly each of them has a story. While during the tour of Summer Palace, "Wisdom Sea", "Buddhist Gragrance Pavilion", "Long Gallery", "17 Arch Bridge", "Suzhoujie" (business street) are the most representative attractions with high reputation around the world.

Wisdom Sea

"Wisdom Sea" also called Vaulthall since all the building was built with stone not even one piece of wood. It is also known as "Qianfodian" because in the wall there embedded 1110 colored glaze Buddha statues. It was said that this palace was one of the only three palaces in the Summer Palace escaped from the fate of burned down in 1860 since it was built all by stone without any piece of wood.

Buddhist Gragrance Pavilion

"Buddhist Gragrance Pavilion" is the highest point of the Summer Palace, which is a magnificent religious building located in the center of Longevity Hill facing the Kunming Lake. Standing on the top, having the panoramic view of the whole garden - Kunming Lake, sightseeing cruises, Arch Bridge, Garcetti, yellow colored palace roofs and exciting tourists… what a beautiful picture! Enjoying the charming scenery, tourists could have to pay 10 RMB for the entrance ticket and some energy to climb to the top. Never stingy for only 10 RMB while miss the priceless scenery.

Long Gallery

"Long Gallery" is 782 meters long with totally 14000 beautiful pictures including natural landscape, birds, fish, flowers and famous people with non reiteration. Located in the south side of Longevity Hill, facing Kunming Lake, east from Yaoyue Gate, west to Shizhang Pavilion, it is the longest tour gallery in Chinese gardens and listed in the Guinness World Records as the longest gallery in the world. Sitting in the gallery for short rest, with the gentle breezing, enjoying the view of Kunming Lake, the cruise ship and leisurely boats, how beautiful picture!

17 Arches Bridge

About 17 Arches Bridge, there is an old saying. "9" was the lucky number in ancient China and the emperors liked it very much. So built 17 Arches Bridge because from left to right, the middle is the 9th hole. It symbolized the power of emperor. 17 Arches Bridge is 150 meters long and 8 meters wide, which is the longest bridge in the Summer Palace. Totally there are 544 stone lions on the bridge. West connect with the island, east to Langru Pavilion, it is the only way to get to the island in the middle of Kunming Lake.

Suzhou Street

Suzhou Street, formerly known as Trading Street and during the Qing Dynasty there were restaurants, wine shops, Banks, the paintings, four treasures, shoes, hats, cloth and other industries in the market. During the festivals, the eunuchs play businessmen and gungnyeos play the consumers. There are also eunuchs play thieves, if not be caught, then he would get praise by the emperor, if caught, then punished. Now here is still the trading street for tourists to buy some souvenirs. The sellers in this street all wear the Qing Dynasty dress. If you like, here offers the chance to wear Chinese traditional clothing look like an empress or emperor when you take photo there.

Every small scenic spot in the Summer Palace has its own story and characteristics, so during the tour of the Summer Palace, as well as enjoying the charming garden scenery, all the visitors could also learn more about the history of ancient China.