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Impressive Summer Palace Tour

I have been to Beijing many times before but always on business. This time is no exception. I only have a half day free time and l want to have a tour to the famous Summer Palace. So I booked a Half Day Summer Palace Tour here.

Peach blossom in Summer Palace

The tour guide picked me up at my hotel at 7:30 am and drove me to the destination. On the way, he told me a lot of information about the Summer Palace. Summer Palace is the largest and best preserved imperial garden of the Qing Dynasty extant in Beijing, as well as a famous classical imperial garden. Based on Kunming Lake and Longevity Hill, modeled on the scenic West Lake in Hangzhou and the Southern Gardens, it is a large landscape park, which is also the well protected Royal Palace Regency.

While entered the entrance, I was indulged in the charming garden landscape. The main lake-Kunming Lake almost account for three-quarters of park area. Have a view to the west from Kunming Lake, I saw the scenery outside seamless with the inner hills and lake and this is an outstanding example of Chinese garden practice of "Borrow Scene".

Another main part in Summer Palace is the Longevity Hill and the majority of the scenic spots in the tourist destination are on that hill. From the foot of the "Yunhui Palace" arch, by the row of Cloud Gate, the Second Palace, Paiyun Palace, Dehui Temple, Buddhist Pavilion, until the top of the wisdom of the sea form a layer increasing axis. In the back of the mountain there stand the Tibetan Buddhist buildings and the colorful glass pagoda with green trees. Here the lake, mountains, islands, the embankment and the constructions, with a garden outside by "Borrow Scene" to form an embroidered landscape picture.

The tour guide leads me to see the major sites in this palace. With the most charming scenery, seems that it is definitely a place of escape from the busy city atmosphere. I really enjoyed a happy time this afternoon. If time allows I would like to have the Beijing Package Tour to see the representative attractions and get a deep understanding about this old city. Next time!