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Summer Stay in Gubei Water Town

Yes, it is indeed that Gubeikou Great Wall is very familiar to everyone in Beijing. However, have you heard of Gubei Water Town? What the relationship between Gubeikou Great Wall and Gubei Water Town? Do you want to enjoy a leisurely summer holiday here? Today, I would like to lead you walk into this tranquil water town to experience its typical and treasures inside.

Gubei Water Town

Overview of Gubei Water Town
Located in Miyun County, Gubei Water Town is surrounded by the beautiful Mandarin Duck Lake Reservoir and leans against Simatai Great Wall. It enjoyed a high fame as Wuzhen in Beijing. So, you could imagine its tranquil beauty and charm. Featured as the northern architectural style and profound history of late Qing Dynasty, Gubei Water Town is endowed to the deep culture. First time stepped into this town, you will find this place retained many courtyard style buildings. Because of the five ancient villages and water resource, this town has developed into a large scale sightseeing destination. Especially during summer, tourists will come here for getting rid of the summer heat. Covering a large scale area of 3.5 square miles, this holiday resort is composed by two scenic districts, Gubei Water Town and Simatai Great Wall.

Landscapes in Gubei Water Town
With long history, Gubei Water Town embraced an old fashioned simplicity and elegance. It is old for the rows of houses, old streets and long hutongs. There are delicate rivers located alongside adding the feeling of south China. The most attractive moment will be the night falling when the town shows tranquil and cozy atmosphere. There are many scenic spots here including the Blocks of the Republic of China, Old Camp Site and the Water Streets Region, etc. Apart from the natural sightseeing, the local custom is another attractive item. For the tourists who are very interested in the Chinese Wine, Sima Liquor distillery is a very nice place. Also, you could spend your treasure time in the Yinghua Academy where you could experience many Confucian classics, historical records and philosophical writings. If you have enough time, you could have special attention on the different-themed hotels here. Any of the special-built hotels could fulfill any visitor taste.

Leisurely staying in Gubei Water Town, tasting local snacks and the breathtaking sceneries as well as the tranquil cozy environment, just connect us!