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Summertime Night Leisure in Beijing

While summer may not be the best time to visit Beijing, but you can also find a lot of fun things to do in there! If you are worried about the summer heat, you can enjoy sightseeing with a night out in the city. Here are two top night-out destinations in Beijing:

Scenic Houhai Bar Street
Beijing Houhai

Houhai Scenic Area enjoys a long history and a high prestige in Beijing as one of the most sought-after summer retreats in the city of Beijing. Houhai is famous for its bar street which is filled with exotic bars and pubs, perfect for night out. The dazzling array of bars and pubs aside, Houhai is also home to a wide variety of natural landscapes, like the lakes, traditional residences and courtyards. With a night out in here, you could get a chance to see the lively night scenes of Beijing up-close and enjoy a wonderful time while retreating into a pub. It will be an amazing summer getaway experience for you! One of the most amazing experiences in Houhai would be to enjoy some drinks at a bar while looking over the nearby lakes with the soothing breeze coming from the lakes. You can get together with some of your best friends to talk about your daily life or just enjoy some private time yourself. Anyway, Houhai scenic area has something for everyone!

Exotic Sanlitun Bar Street
Beijing Sanlitun

Another popular night-out destination in Beijing is no doubt the Sanlitun Bar Street. This bar street is well known for its location as it is located near the embassy district, so it is very popular among the foreigners. As one of the most exotic night-out destinations in Beijing, Sanlitun Bar Street has a large collection of exotic bars and pubs as well as night clubs. You can easily spend a wonderful night out here without running out of things to see, do and experience! Moreover, the night views here are also worth taking in while enjoying a night out here. There is truly no better way to beat the summer heat than a night out in Sanlitun whether the bar and pub are your thing or not. In addition, you can also enjoy some performances at sanlitun as well as the sightseeing!

To sum it up, you can really enjoy a wonderful time while visiting Beijing in summer!