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Take in Modern Side of Beijing

Beijing is really a fun place to explore with its diverse culture and profound history. Nowadays, the city has long been a place where the western culture and Chinese culture crash. A trip to Beijing not only allows you to see the ancient sights but also take in the modern side of the city. Here is the top destination to go in Beijing to get a glimpse of the modern side the city.

Beijing Finance Street

Overview to the Finance Street
In recent decades, as the capital of China, a series of ground-breaking changes have been underway, especially in terms of economy. The most outstanding mark lies in Beijing Finance Street. Nowadays, a considerable amount of companies, offices and institutions have gathered on this street. It has become the most concentrated area in view of money, technology and knowledge. This area pays more tax than other places in Beijing. It is not an exaggeration to say Beijing Finance Street has seized hold of the pulses of the economy. It was called the heart of Beijing. Along the Street are lined with a great number of modern buildings and edifices. These buildings combine to offer the tourists a spectacular city view. Wandering among this street, you will see it is full of unique and peculiar designs. These designs seem to have brought you into the future. These buildings are far too different from those structures of antiquity. They are all about fashion and trend. They are what the future looks like.

Best Time to Visit the Street
For those who want to make the most out of the trip to the Finance Street while visiting Beijing, it is best to pay a visit to the street at night. The whole street looks at its best at night when all of the buildings are lit up. The sight is as spectacular as it can be and makes for great postcard photos. Visiting the street at night is also a great way to avoid the crowd and noises. The street is lined with a large number of office buildings and shops and restaurants. A trip down there will take you to get a good look at the modern side of the city.

The Finance Street is not to be missed if you want to see more of the city.