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Take in Old Trees in Lama Temple

In the eyes of those who have paid a visit to Lama Temple, the most incredible sight is no other than those old locust trees. Nowadays, these old trees in Lama Temple have become one of the most popular attractions in Beijing.

Old Tree
Time-honored Locust Trees Everywhere
As soon as you enter Lama Temple, you may easily see a couple of old locust trees scattered around the courtyard. Within the open wide courtyard, these old trees are no less than a bunch of sky scrapers. During blossom time, you may immerse yourself in the light scent given off by the flowers of these old trees. At that time, these old trees are all covered with light green blossoms. During your tour in Lama Temple, those impenetrable leaves offer you a huge canopy. In the meantime, you may take a rest under the tree, chitchatting or reading. This is quite an enjoyment. During summertime, these blossoms start to fall down from the trees and cover all over the place, with a few sparrows and magpies playing around. When autumn comes, the blowing wind and the dancing branches, the hopping squirrels and touring people combine to offer you an incredible painting. At the same time, as you tour around Lama Temple, you should take a walk on the flower-covered ground and enjoy the vibe of the fall. Maybe you may come across a pair of monks playing chess under the tree, which is another enjoyment for you.

Old Tree in Lama Temple
Best Time to See the Trees
The leaves fall down not until December comes. After a heavy snow, the bronze trunks are all dressed in white, which makes these old trees look even older. These superb views are too much for those photographers busying taking pictures.

These old locust trees and the buildings in Lama Temple are no less than a perfect combination. Looking closely, the thickest one stands beside Lama Gate, with an age of 300 years. This old tree was honored as the first-class old tree and still thrives to this day. Those scales in the trunk seem to tell a series of historic events and changes. Nowadays, this tree has become a must-see spot for the tourists in Lama Temple. The best time to see the locust trees in Lama Temple is during the autumn or winter months.

Overall, the old locust trees in Lama Temple are well worth a visit while in Beijing.