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Taste of Chinese Ethnic Culture

As well known, China is a large country housing 56 nationalities with different cultures and lifestyles as well as different languages. After visiting the world famous attractions of Beijing, one place should be added in your tour - Chinese Ethnic Culture Park.

Chinese Ethinc Culture Park

Layout of Chinese Ethnic Culture Park
China's vibrant culture is composed by various ethnic groups, different customs and different kinds of living styles. Located in Beijing, Chinese Ethnic Culture Park has a large ethnic culture base combining an introduction to culture, singing and dancing performances, traditional housing and art and craft. At the same time, this park provides the opportunity to experience ethnic flavored cooking of 56 ethnic groups. Just roaming in one park, you can taste 56 ethnic cultures without going far journey. It is really a kind of enjoyment in the vision.

Inner Delicate Design
Once stepped into this park, you will be impressed by the delicate buildings of each ethnic group. More than 40 ethnic groups can stop your feet and attract your vision. In addition, a large number of ethnic culture relics and articles from daily use are exhibited in order to reflect authentic living conditions of each ethnic group. Just like the building of Han people. Han ethnic group is the largest ethnic group at home and abroad. The building of Han people is a cave-house composed of three courtyards. Roaming in these different-style houses, you not only can widen vision but also get deep understanding about these different style buildings and their cultures.

Attractive Scenic Spots
Last treasure of Chinese Ethnic Culture Park will endow to the attractive scenic spots inside. First, the big Banyan Tree must attract tourists' vision. In fact, this tree represents 56 ethnic groups banding together. Ethnic Bridge connecting the north and South Park adopted architectural styles of Bai, Dong and Tibetan. The charming waterfall impresses the tourists with typical design. Hundreds of young men from a range of ethnic groups gather together and proudly be the guide to introduce their own culture. This park also holds ethnic group festivals to invite tourists to join in. With the plants reaching the utmost blossoming, tourists wandered in this park can get a fully relaxed in mind and body.

Strolling in this park, it is easy to feel the strong flavor of Chinese ethnic groups.