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Tasting Authentic Peking Duck in Beijing

Beijing Duck is the city's most famous dish and one of the most popular foods in China. It has also received worldwide recognition for its tempting shining color, crispy skin and tender meat. While strolling down the streets of Beijing, you will find many Peking roast duck restaurants. But here, we give you some recommendation restaurants specialized with its Roast Peking Duck.
1. Quanjude Restaurant
Quanjude Qianmen Restaurant (Flagship Restaurant)        Telephone: +86-10-65112418
Quanjude Hepingmen Roast Duck Restaurant                      Telephone: +86-10-63023062
Quanjude Sanyuanqiao Roast Duck Restaurant                    Telephone: +86-10-84492760
2. Bianyifang Restaurant
Bianyifang Hademen Restaurant (Flagship Restaurant)      Telephone: +86-10-67112244
Bianyifang Roast Duck New World Center Branch                 Telephone: +86-10-67088680
3. Dadong Roast Duck Restaurant 
Da Dong Peking Duck Tuanjiehu Branch (Old Branch)         Telephone: +86-01-65822892/65824003
Da Dong Peking Duck Dong Sishitiao Branch                        Telephone: +86-10-51690329