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Tasting Beijing Life in Teahouse

Housing so many treasures to show off, Beijing has been regarded as a large scale stage where the tourists could research whatever they want. However, in order to enrich tourists' experience, many teahouses opened to greet all the Beijing-life fans. To be inner heart, tasting Beijing life is truly an amusing enjoyment.

Dazzling Layout of Beijing Teahouses
Beijing Teahouse

Covering not a large scale area but decorated with traditional building style, Beijing Teahouses conveyed typical culture and tastes to the tourists sitting there. Some of them offer you tranquil environment to lead you release your boring. Some of them are full of multi-culture to lead you soak in the old Beijing life. In the modern days, Beijing Teahouses have become a very important place for the businessmen, young couples and the tourists. Once the dusk falls, these teahouses would full of drinkers. Sipping a cup of tea, appreciating the busy Beijing bustle life, enjoying cozy environment, it will be extremely great enjoyment.

Delicate Teahouses in Beijing
Laoshe Teahouse

When relating the most popular teahouse, it will be the Lao She Teahouse which has underwent a long time serving genuine Chinese tea. Decorated with old Beijing building style, Laoshe Tea house always reflected the old Beijing appearance to tourists. Sitting here, apart from tasting Beijing life, people could also taste Beijing flavor dishes. Most attractive is the performance arranged inside. The people who could taste life must enjoy the performance here. Another Teahouse will be the Minghui Teahouse. Located in the Temple of Great Awakening, this teahouse not only offered all kinds of tea but also various vegetarian foods. After taking leisurely walking in the temple, enjoying your favorite tea here, your mind and body would be purified quickly! If you want to mix into the ancient times, the Three Kingdom Teahouse is an ideal choice. Being newly opened in the year of 2010, this teahouse is decorated with the ancient building style of Three Kingdoms Period. Customers coming here could enjoy classical and quiet environment. Each single decoration reflected profound culture and stories of the Three Kingdoms period. You could not only enjoy the aroma of the tea but also play games with your friends. Most interesting is the free WIFI. Designed with many rooms, it could offer you enough private time and space to accompany your friends.

Beijing Teahouse is terrific and fantastic where you could sip the historical culture leisurely!