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Terrific Half Day Hiking Tour

I really enjoyed a terrific half day Great Wall climbing in Beijing! The main reason I think is that I discovered a wonderful tour operator. Staying in Beijing for my business, I spare half day to enjoy relaxed and realized my dream. To my surprised is this tour type is very suitable for me. I liked it very much!

Badaling Great Wall

Tour guide picked me up at the hotel in the downtown area. I was very happy that day. Tour guide is a university student, very intelligent and considerate. Most important is that her English is very good telling me much about Beijing and the itineraries. On the journey to Badaling Great Wall, I tasted the suburb area' tranquility and natural charm. I liked this environment very much. Driver is non-smoker offering us fluent journey. About 1 hour, we arrived at the foot of Badaling Great Wall. After getting off the car, what appeared to me the wild appearance of surroundings. The vendors here are crowded selling all kinds of articles. After lingering for ten minutes, I started our hiking journey.

In the beginning, I was very happy, singing and appreciating. I thought I finally got my favorite, really proud and exciting. The grasses growing alongside are very delicate accompanying with this magnificent wonder year by year. Most of the important is the tourists coming here are less than I imagined. Oh, so many marks built in the Great Wall writing: No Littering Anywhere, Pay Attention to the Roads or No Running Anywhere and No Climbing Anywhere, etc many marks given to tourists. There are built the handrails both side suitable for the disable, elder and little children, wonderful design! Gradually, the delicate-design watchtower appeared in front of me. Oh, it is more terrific than the book said. Yes, there are four windows decorated. The ancient soldiers just through here observe the enemies. This time, I have been very tired. Sitting beside the wall, I closed my eyes feeling the surroundings. This kind of feeling is just experience only self-experiencing! After enjoying a relaxed, I went on my climbing journey.

About twenty minutes, when I saw the marks warning, I knew, it is not far from the terminal. I did my best to continue. Wow, so terrific! I finally enjoyed the bird view about the surroundings. I shouted to the far distance with the clear echoing sound. Such a wonderful half day tour, I liked very much!