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Terrific Jinshanling Great Wall Hiking

My family and I, we all the fans of Beijing highlights and have already visited most of Beijing attractions like Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, Temple of Heaven, as well as Badaling Great Wall. Two years ago, I have heard Jinshanling Great Wall is a typical building. So, this time, my mother and I, we decided to explore it.

Jinshanling Great Wall

Because Jinshanling Great Wall is very far away from Beijing center, we need get up earlier. Tour guide is a considerate girl who warned us all the time. The car is in well-condition. We sited inside enjoying the cozy environment and the charming sceneries along the journey. About 3 hours driving, we arrived at the destination. Tourists here are less than I expected. We started our exciting hiking journey. To my surprised is that the road is too uneven with soil. Under the bright sunlight, the grasses and wild flowers here showed unique vigorous and colorful. I had to say it is truly a wild Great Wall building housing many mysterious traditional tastes and original features. The bricks in some section have been broke down changing into the powders. Touching the Great Wall, I felt I have gone back to Chinese ancient times.

We went on our hiking journey without spending much labor. The roof of the watchtowers has been disappeared. The green grasses are full of each corner. It showed more sophisticated and lonely. Suddenly, I found I have been mixed into this building, its tastes, original features and the culture it housed. It is very suitable for camp. I imagined and thought… We took a lot of pictures from different views. After stepping on the top, we enjoyed a short relaxed. Sceneries here are unexpected beautiful and charming. We appreciated and looked around. The plants on the wall become the most vigorous guard.

Highly recommended Jinshanling Great Wall tour! It is truly a terrific building section!