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The Earliest Great Wall in China

The Great Wall was built with thousands of years of history, based on the past history, the Great Wall scholars continue to debate about which section is the earliest Great Wall ever built in China. There are mainly two kinds of views: one is the Chu Kingdom Great Wall was built the earliest; another kind of view is, the Spring and Autumn period Great Wall is the first Great Wall in China, some people even think that the Chu Great Wall does not exist at all. Sima Qian's book Shiji is worthy of study, but the record of Great Wall is not written in his book, so it is not sufficient to prove if Qi Great Wall is the earliest.

Great Wall in China

Many Great Wall records can be identified, from the 16th year of Emperor Chu reign (656 years ago), they already began to use records, and has found a large number of well preserved ruins to prove the history of the Great Wall and to clarify the distribution of Chu Great Wall. And it can be said that the Chu Great Wall is the earliest. The Chu Great Wall has left a large number of multilayer fortification sites from the Spring and Autumn and Warring States periods. There are some evidences to show that the Great Wall built in later times was all influenced by the Chu Great Wall. For example, the garrison sentinel is necessary for the Great Wall, so the Qin, Han, Ming Dynasty the Great Wall also inherited and used a lot of the same form.

The construction principle of Chu Great Wall is to fully use the local conditions and to obtain raw materials from local surrounds. From the actual situation of the relics, built along the Funiu Mountain, stone wall accounted for the vast majority, and all featuring the stone architecture. Now those several rammed earth wall, because it is not built with stone, only some debris and remains are left. Historical records of the Chu Great Wall show the Chu Great Wall used to be called Square City. It may be related to the people's ideas. As already explained, the overall contour near the Great Wall is square or rectangular, some parts by the terrain constraints are irregular, but the traces show the Great Wall was built with square shape. This is probably because the ancient people firmly believed in Fengshui.