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There is More to the Great Wall

If you have not seen the Great Wall up close and personally, then you may simply think the Great Wall just is a long line of wall. However, there is more to the Great Wall than just a pile of bricks and stone.

Great Wall

Of course there are many parts of the architecture on the Great Wall which are uniform, like the wall structure and the paths on the wall. But there are many other structures on the Great Wall, like the watch towers, beacon towers, crenels, barracks, fortified pass and so on. The dragon-like wall is built with bricks from fired brick workshop. Therefore the brick production increases, brick and tile are no longer the precious materials, so the Great Wall of Ming Dynasty in many places outside the city walls was built as the giant brick masonry wall. At the time the wall was built all by manual forces, rely on manual handling building material, the weight is small, the same size brick masonry walls, not only convenient for construction, but also improve the construction rate, improving the construction level. Secondly, many mountain gates, many with brick masonry crammed into large span arch. These green bricks survived some serious weathering, but the whole wall still majestic to show masonry arch superb skills.

From the tower building decoration, many stone carving are extremely sophisticated, reflecting the artistic talent of the exercise one's inventive mind as craftsmen. The wall is the main part of the wall, with an average height of 7.8 meters, in some places up to 14 meters. All the steep places the wall was built relatively low, flat land built higher. The wall is the main part of a defense against the enemy, its total thickness is wide, the width of the foundation are 6.5 meters, the floor on the wall width averaged 5.8 meters, to ensure two baggage wagons parallel. The wall consists of an outer wall and inner wall, paved with stone. The flat section can increase the width of the lower wall, reinforced wall stability, strengthen the defense of its performance, but also make the wall majestic. The inner wall is an extension of outer city forming the vertical wall on the outer wall thickness, usually with "wall thickness" at the subject.

Overall, the Great Wall is uniform and diverse - all depends on which part you are looking at!