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Three Famous Places for Appreciating Beijing Opera

Nowadays, with the culture consciousness becoming deeper and complete, Beijing Opera gets higher fame in the tourists. For the metropolis city, there are several places listing as ideal places for appreciating Opera.

Liyuan Theater: Located in the Jianguo Hotel, Qianmen, Liyuan Theater is the most famous theater putting on the Beijing Opera. Sitting around the Ba xian Zhuo, sipping a cup of tea, appreciating the profound art performance, it will be extremely an enjoyment! Apart from the opera, there are Crossroads, Autumn River, etc entertaining you!

Changan Grand Theater: Being built in 1937, Changan Grand Theater was an ideal place to appreciate the Genuine Beijing Opera. Located in the prosperous Xian Street, it is always gathered numerous opera fans every day. As a perfect combination of classic and modern architecture, this theater will comfort you with elegant tables, soft seats and wonderful performance.

Mei Lanfang Theater: Being named after the most famous opera master – Mei Lanfang, this theater perfectly mixed the traditional opera theater and modern construction style. The audience seats are distributed so wonderful that everyone could clearly appreciate the performance.