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Three Ideas to Access Old Beijing Culture

It is very hard to access old Beijing culture until to be the Beijing citizens. Now, we offered three methods leading you to depth understanding old Beijing culture.

Wandering along Beijing Hutong: as the landmark of Old Beijing, Hutong has housed profound history and deep traditional cultural connotation. Beijing Hutong and the courtyards are the only domestic habitats of their kind in the world. Visiting Beijing Hutong is better chance to experience the life, history and culture first-hand in this city.

Savor Peking Roast Duck:  With glorious fame and long history, Peking Roast Duck is the best known dish in the tourists. From it, tourists not only could smell Beijing past but modern flavor. Complex cooking procedure and unique flavor, Peking Roast Duck always can bring fresh experience.

Enjoy Peking Opera: after savoring Hutong and Peking Roast Duck, it is best method to enjoy the Peking Opera. As the traditional Beijing art, Peking Opera reflected many tastes of Beijing original times. With unique combination of music, vocal performance, mime, etc, it is an ideal medium for interpretation and performance of traditional and historic myth and legend.