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Tips for Beijing Great Wall Tour

As the symbol of Beijing and China, Great Wall has been regarded as the must-enjoy destination among the tourists from all over the world. For appreciating the world wonder, Great Wall could offer tourists the ancient history, deep traditional culture and the magnificent appearance. However, for exploring Great Wall, tourists also should grasp the important tips.

Beijing Great Wall

Which Section to Visit According to Interests
Distributed over Beijing, various Great Wall sections show off to greet the tourists from all over the world. Badaling Great Wall, Mutianyu Great Wall, Jinshanling Great Wall and Simatai Great Wall, etc, each of them stored their own features and appearance. Such as Badaling Great Wall, it is the most famous Great Wall section. It ever greeted many world famous leaders. With the best preserved appearance, it is the most familiar section in the world. Mutianyu Great Wall boasts of the most charming sceneries and best preserved appearance. It is the essence of Chinese Great Wall with less crowded. Jinshanling Great Wall boasts of the wild appearance and original features. Without man-made decoration, Jinshanling Great Wall is always regarded as the destination to enjoy Chinese ancient times. After getting these features, plan your favorite spot, it not only could save money but also much time during your tour.

Dealing with Preparations
For tourists decided to climb Great Wall, doing enough preparation is a must. First, climbing is a kind of sport. So the loosen clothes should be needed. Apart from these, food, drinks and other necessities should be taken. Someone will hold the ideas that purchasing the food or drinks from the Great Wall vendors. Anyone could not confirm that the food and drinks sold in the Great Wall are really safety and healthy. Also, these food and drinks are more expensive than the shops. So, preparing them in advance will be ideal idea. For the tourists who decided to take children or the old people climb the great wall, they should consider all. For the kids and the old people, taking the cable car will be good idea.

Although, Great Wall is all located in the Beijing suburb area, they are same like other scenic spots. Littering anywhere should be forbidden during the climbing journey. There are designed the toilets ion the Great Wall, so relieving anywhere should be forbidden. Last one is that taking too much cash should be forbidden in case of being stolen.

Warm prompts are important for your Great Wall tour, wish you have fun!