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Tips for Dig Deeper into Beijing

Never been to Beijing before? No worries! Here are some million-dollar worth tips from insiders for you to dig deeper into the profound history, diverse culture of Beijing!

In-depth Beijing Tour

Seek Art in Other Venues besides Museums
The large collection of museums and galleries aside, you can also soak up some art experiences without going out, the Opposite House Hotel in the Sanlitun area of Beijing offers guests some well elected exhibits. The permanent art collection is second to none even compared with those upscale museums. There is also a fantastic rotating exhibition venue set in the lobby, which offers a series of installations, hardly seen in any of the galleries. The Red Gate Gallery in Beijing offers open studio exhibitions. You can pay a visit to see up-close how resident international artists create art.

Have a Backstreet Breakfast
If you want to taste the authentic Beijing flavor on business trips or on vacation in Beijing, you really should head to the backstreets near your hotel for an early breakfast. There are dumplings or noodles available and you can see the area come alive while you enjoy your food – it will an essential dining experience! The street food is second to none compared with the set meals offered by the hotel.

Trespass with Confidence
While traveling in Beijing, some foreign travelers think of some Hutong area as private property, so they would rather go around than to stray into lanes and hutongs for fear of intruding. But here in Beijing, the Chinese see things in different way. You really should not be worried about trespass, if you do not step into a house without the permission of the owner. All of the Hutong areas are not private property and feel free and confident to wander through but do not get lost. Traversing through narrow lanes and alleys you will witness some of the most bustling scenes in this sprawling city of Beijing.

Save more Money with Accommodation
Chinese hotels do not care much about if the number of beds is in line with the number of people, especially if you are traveling with kids. For travelers with kids, you really can save more money on the trips with a lot of cash saved from the accommodation in the hotel. For example, you can book a twin room rather than two rooms if you are a family of four. Rest assured that you still can enjoy a cozy accommodation, as the beds are very large and can suit two people.

Overall, with these tips in mind, you can enjoy a fun trip to Beijing!