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Tips for Enjoying a Safe Night out in Beijing

Generally, Beijing as the capital city is a very safe place to walk around at night if you feel like going out while visiting. However, it is safer to use common sense and take precautions while going out alone at night. If you are not careful being on your own, you may end up running into swindling or pick-pocketing. Here are some useful tips for you to ensure a safe night out while visiting Beijing.

Beijing Nightlife

Tip 1: Be more cautious inside and outside bars and clubs
Going out at night in Beijing, chances are you will be heading to one of the many crowded bars or clubs for fun. Generally, it is not a good idea to go out alone, but if it is the only option you got, then you really should use the same precautions you would at home. More importantly, do not get too carried away if you find yourself being surrounded by local girls. They may seem way too friendly, but you really should be aware of your valuables. Last but not the least, as you take off a crowded bar or nightclub area, you may often bump into some beggars who hang out on the sidewalks looking for handout money. You really should take some precautions or measures not to take money from your purse or handbag if you do not have any changes in your pockets.

Tip 2: Take precautions while navigating the city at night
If you want to do a night out on your own in Beijing, you really should take some measures or use some common sense while navigating the city at night. There are many ways to navigate the city at night, either walking on foot or taking a taxi in terms of physical safety. However, if you get really drunk after a night out, be aware that the drivers may take you for a really long ride and charge you with a higher taxi fare than you should. It is highly recommended to ask for the taxi receipt. More importantly, you may end up losing things, being drunk while taking a taxi. You would not want that to happen, like losing your mobile phone or your wallet. If you did leave something behind, you got the receipt which has the taxi number printed on it to trace and call the taxi.

Overall, with these tips in mind, you will enjoy a great night out in Beijing!