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Tips for Exploring Beijing Drum and Bell Tower

There are plenty of historic sights worth exploring in Beijing. Aside from the Forbidden City and Temple of Heaven, the Drum and Bell Tower is also worth a visit while in Beijing. Here are some details about the towers to give you a better understanding to these two landmarks in Beijing.

Beijing Drum Tower

Drum Tower in Beijing
In recent years, Beijing Drum Tower has stood out among the attractions in Beijing as a popular spot. Located in Dianmen Street, Beijing Drum Tower used to be sophisticated time-indication equipment. This tower was designed fully in line with the ancient timing systems. These systems have remained a myth for quite a long while. After they were unveiled, people were shocked by their advance and sophistication. It is said that the frequency of tolling indicates what time it is. If you ever come down to Beijing Drum Tower, you can try to tell time by looking at it and compares the result with your watch. It will be a lot of fun and much of a challenge. And after that, if you feel you are up for this challenge, then go ahead and give it your best shot. In history, Beijing Drum Tower had been burned down and rebuilt again by the emperors. In 1957, it was rated as Beijing Heritage Unit. In 1984, it was renovated and opened to the public in 1987. In 1996, it was appraised as National Key Heritage Unit. Now, Beijing Drum Tower has attracted millions of people.

Bell Tower in Beijing
Nowadays, Beijing Bell Tower has become a landmark in Beijing. Every year, millions of people flood into this old building. Located in Dongcheng District, Beijing Bell Tower was founded in 1420 and burned down later. In 1745, it was rebuilt and renovated in Qing dynasty. This renovation was recorded on the tablet within the middle gate. Beijing Bell Tower was rebuilt with stones in case of fire disaster. Standing on this old tower, you will get a hold of the panorama of Beijing city. Beijing Bell Tower has enjoyed a long history and witnessed a lot of historic events in China. It has become an important part of Beijing city. It has enriched and promoted Beijing tourism. A considerable amount of tourists have set their feet here and left their footprints. You will find something special here and even if you left, the memory of it will still linger in your mind. This trip will bring you an unforgettable experience.

With the above-mentioned info, you will make the most out of your trip to the Drum and Bell Tower while in Beijing.