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Tips for Exploring Shichahai in Depth

At the mention of essential Beijing experience, Shichahai is second to none when it comes to sightseeing while visiting Beijing. You can easily spend an entire day exploring scenic Shichahai without running out of fun things to see, do and experience. For those who are planning on a visit to Shichahai, here are some useful tips for your reference.

Tip 1: Explore Scenic Shichahai on Rickshaw
Shi Cha Hai has long been viewed as the most famous historical and cultural tourist area. Consists of Qian Hai, Hou Hai and Xi Hai, structures are of antiquity and residence and customs. Covering an area of 146.7 hectares, it boasts as the best reserved in terms of flavors of old Beijing city. There are a couple of Mansions of Prince and gardens, like the best reserved Mansions of Princes Gong and Chun. The surrounding area used to be the main shopping district in old Beijing city. While you tour around this area, you are free to immerse yourself in the unique combination of classic and modern styles. This area is the most ideal venue for you to experience the old and new Beijing city. The best way to take in scenic Shichahai is no doubt by taking a rickshaw ride which takes you to weave through a maze of narrow lanes in the area.

Tip 2: Visit the Old Houses around Shichahai
The old houses of Qingling Song and Moruo Guo sit next to Shi Cha Hai. There used to live three commanders on Liuyin Street of Shi Cha Hai. Backed by the six lakes, it is quite famous for its willows on the lakeshore and the lotus blossoms in the lakes. Shi Cha Hai boasts as a watery area of north of China. It has long enjoyed a good reputation among the public. Nowadays, it has become the most ideal venue to spend some time with families and chase fashions. After hundred years of development, Shi Cha Hai has accumulated a diverse culture. Hutong and Sihe Courtyard have long housed the histories and cultures of old Beijing. Surrounding the river spreads an irregular net of Hutongs which were founded based on the landforms. To this day, Shi Cha Hai has still remained as a perfect combination of natural and cultural landscapes. Those structures of antiquity, like Drum Tower and Bell Tower, still stand like a series of pearls which have added more charms into Shi Cha Hai.

Overall, Shichahai is a fun place to explore while in Beijing.