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Tips for Exploring Summer Palace without Tour Guide

For the highlights of Beijing, if you want to better exploring, tour guide will be a must. However, for the imperial garden - summer palace, if you want to have a leisurely appreciation, I would like to share you some tips.

Summer Palace

Entrance and Best Travel Routes
Once arrived at Summer Palace, there are three entrances for you, East Place Gate, North Palace Gate and the Newly-built Palace Gate. If you entered from the East Palace Gate, you could start from the Hall of Benevolence and Longevity. This is the near famous building. On the whole journey, all the highlight sections will impress you, Wenchang Hall, Hall of Jade Ripples, Hall of Joyful Longevity. About the half journey, you could enjoy a full relaxed in the Long Gallery. This route, you could spend about 2.5 hours. If you entered from the North Palace Gate, you could start from appreciating the Suzhou Market Street and then Four Great Regions. Along the journey, you could be first impressed by the natural landscapes and breathtaking sceneries. By this route, you could spend about 3 hours. During the traveling journey, taking a cart when travelling by land will be a terrific idea. Housing about 5 main sections, you could explore the highlights freely!

Dining and Other Enjoyments
After travelling tired, there are 3 fast food restaurants waiting for your entertaining. Located in the Zhichun Pavilion, this restaurant could offer you the most delicious Chinese food to you. For the tourists who are very interested in the imperial food, the restaurant located near the Marble Boat will be a terrific choice. For the convenience of visitors, the free-hand-power wheelchairs are available. So, this imperial area is a terrific place for the old, children and young tourist. No matter which age stage you are situated in, you could find your happiness here.

Hiring a Boat
Holding a terrific holiday, hiring a boat is an ideal choice to visit the lake area. Different from sizes, shapes and close time, you could choose your favorite according to your interests and time. The most attractive one will be the large boat from Beijing Exhibition Center to Summer Palace via Beijing Zoo. By this boat, holiday experience will be fulfilled!

After these simple introductions, meaningful and smart Summer Palace travelling will be easily to get!