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Tips for Learning Culture and History in Beijing

Beijing has long been hailed as the cultural Mecca of China. Amazing Chinese arts, profound history as well as world renowned historical sites can be found all over the city! If you want to get an essential cultural experience in Beijing, here are some useful tips for you!

Beijing Hutong

Tip 1 - For an authentic Beijing experience, Hutong is a must-go
While Hutong may not be the one and only sight in China, but only in Beijing you can get to see the most authentic Hutong scenes and culture. Hailed as the cultural encyclopedia, Hutong is the best spot to get to know Chinese culture better. With a lovely and fun tour to Beijing Hutong, you will get a chance to see lively daily life scenes up-close and personal and it will be an essential Chinese experience for you! What you see and hear along the way definitely will blow your mind and open your eyes as well as give you some insights into Chinese culture and history. Best of all, you really should seek a local house for accommodation for a few days to mingle with the locals – it is the best way to learn more about Beijing and the people. Moreover, with a tour of Beijing Hutong, you may find plenty of fun stuff to see and do and experience!

National Museum of China

Tip 2 - Museums in Beijing are well worth exploring
For a quick yet more worthwhile exploration of Chinese culture and history, the museums sprawling all over the city of Beijing are also worth a visit. Traveling between the plenty of museums in Beijing, you can not only get an essential and eye-opening experiences but also get a chance to see millions of priceless treasures displayed in the museums. There are different kinds of museums available in the city, art, automobile, opera, history and structure – you name it! Exploring the various exhibits offered by the museums is definitely the best way to learn more about the profound history of China. In addition, while exploring the museums, you will also get a chance to get away from the bustling city noises and scenes and just enjoy the arts and culture at your own leisurely pace! There is truly no better and quicker way to see the city than a visit to the museums.

To sum it up, with a private tour guide, you will enjoy a lifetime experience while exploring culture and history of Beijing!