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Tips for Regular Visitors to Beijing

As the capital city of China, Beijing has become a must-enjoy place for the tourists from all over the world. No matter in the economy, politics, history and culture, Beijing always seize the first with numerous fantastic highlights. For Beijing regular tourists, three golden tips need your attention.

Suburb Area in Beijing

Book a Private Tour
If you are a regular Beijing tourist and have already appreciated city landmarks, private tour will be more perfect for you. With flexible transfer service and excellent tour guide, you can have a leisurely appreciation about the attractions. Just choose one attraction you are very interested in, with the tour guide explaining along the journey, don not need to worry about the time, just enjoy your leisurely appreciating. Having a deep understanding about the culture, the background is very easy. It will be more ideal choice to get together with families, friends and private groups. Cannot disturbed by any other borings, you can have a fully relaxed during your Beijing tour.

Self-driving to Beijing Suburb Area for Visit
After enjoying the marvelous highlights of Beijing downtown area, it is time to transfer to Beijing suburb area to taste the local lifestyle and natural sceneries. This time, self-driving tour is best method. Roaming in the suburb districts, search the real beauty of nature, breathing the fresh air and hugging what you want, water area, green plants, wild flowers and magnificent mountains as the background. Exploring Longqing Gorge, Ten Ferries, Qinglong Gorge and National Forests Park, etc each of them can offer you the feeling of freshness. However, you can enjoy the fruits-picking activity to close experience the local farm life and gain the sweetness of labor.

Enjoy Beijing Side Trips
For the Beijing regular tourists, there is another choice to entertain. Booking Beijing side trip to enjoy the highlights surrounded Beijing will be full of enjoyment. Not far from Beijing, Chengde is a nice place offering the breathtaking Chengde Mountain Resort taking you to another magnificent royal garden. In addition, you can choose Pingyao Ancient City or Xian Terracotta Warriors, etc. Each of them can stop your foot for long time. Doing enough preparation, you can stay as long as you like. At the same time, you can have a terrific train journey with your families. Typical atmosphere, unique journey and fresh experience can fully lure your heart. For the time-press tourists, you can enjoy the flight journey.

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