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Tips for Visiting Beijing Imperial Gardens

For most of the tourists, they would like to enjoy Beijing imperial gardens. For these imperial gardens, tourists not only could enjoy the natural breathtaking sceneries but also get the deep understanding about the background and cultivating sentiment.

Summer Palace

Tip 1: Design Destination according to Interests
For the top imperial gardens in Beijing, most famous are Summer Palace, Old Summer Palace, Beihai Park and Jinshan Park. Each of them houses typical features and appearances. Before starting your imperial gardens visiting, you should consider which one you held many interests. Built with different themes, these imperial gardens stored various features. Such as the Old Summer Palace, if you want to enjoy the ruined imperial garden to deeply research the background and history, you can choose the Old Summer Palace. Now, it still preserved the original ruined appearance. If you are very interested in the breathtaking sceneries and long-time wandering, Summer Palace and Beihai Park are all available.

Tip 2: Design Destination According to the Season Feature
Get your favorite destination, you should consider when is the best time to visit. As well all know, each garden will show its utmost beautiful in different period. Such as the Summer Palace, it will turn luxurious breathtaking and beautiful in the late spring and late autumn. However, the best time to visit Fragrant Hills Park is in the autumn, because during this period, the mountain will be full of red leaves, extremely marvelous. One point attention is that no matter when you decide to adventure, getting rid of the public holidays and the week days are ideal, because tourists will become more crowded during this time.

Tip 3: Seize the Theme Spot of Destination
During the journey, it is very popular for taking pictures with these sceneries. However, have you got which part is the important spot in your attraction? It will be regret just wandering and taking pictures with the plants and trees as well as the water areas. If you get to Summer Palace, the key points are the Marble Boat, Kunming Lake and the Tower of Fragrant Buddha as well as the Suzhou Street. Especially the Suzhou Street, it tells tourists much about the garden style in the south China area. If you are in the fragrant, it will be certainly the Red Leaves.

Beijing Imperial Gardens are popular and flourishing. It will be easy to travel after grasping the features!