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To Make a More Flexible Tour

As the metropolis and the capital city of China, Beijing is my favorite city for exploring and enjoying. It stored too many treasures. I stayed in Beijing for three years. So, I gave a great chance to enjoy Beijing. For me, Great Wall, Forbidden City and many other modern buildings have been very familiar. However, for the regular Beijing tourists, I learnt a big lesson this time.

Flexible Beijing Tour

Renting a Car for Own Pace
So many years, I just enjoyed these attractions with my friends or families booking a large group tour. For us, the favorite attractions could not be lingered for long time, because of the limited time and other requests. Just now, I heard this service - car rental service. It is tailored for the tourists who are planning private tour, flexible and free pace. Just booking this service, experienced driver will pick you up from the ordered place and transfer you to the attraction you ordered. With good condition and cozy environment, the car could lead you get an excellent journey. It will be great chance for the family tour with free time, leisurely pace. For the tourists who are very interested in the Great Wall, they could enjoy a whole day journey.

Booking Beijing Side Trips
I always explored Beijing. I did not have a chance to go out to other cities nearby. But this time, Beijing side trips offered me a great opportunity to enjoy Datong. I widened my vision enjoying the local culture, history and loads of historical relics. Everything in Datong is seemed to be brought from the ancient times. I liked this tour very much. It is really a present for the regular Beijing visitors.

Booking No Shopping Tour
Tourism is becoming more and more popular in the recent years and at the same time, shopping is also becoming more and more popular. So usually the tours add some shopping process. If you do not like the shopping time in the tour, you could do as what I did this time. I join the no-shopping tour which is special made for those tourists who wanted to save money and enjoying free.

These were 3 mistakes that I have ever made. After grasping them, wish you a terrific holiday!