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Top Beijing Local Products

Exploring Beijing, tourists are easily lured by various local products in most of Beijing supermarkets. Relating these delicate products, they could absolutely conquer your Beijing tour.

Candied Fruit: As the most favorite products in the kids or the tourists who are interested in the sweetness, Candied Fruit would be the ideal choice. Being made of fresh fruit by traditional secret recipes, they tasted typical sweet and sour and are treasured by locals and tourists.

Beijing Crisp Candy: Getting the high fame as one of the best three candies in China, Beijing Crisp Candy has become a must-product in the celebrations, wedding ceremonies and other important festivals. Being made of high quality sugar and sesame paste, it tasted crisp, fragrant and sweet.

Lv Da Gun: As one of the oldest snacks in Beijing, Lv Da Gun gets another named called Bean Flour Cake. This kind of food shows yellow with dense soybean flavor with featuring of fragrant, sweet and glutinous.