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Top Beijing Supermarkets

In the modern days, supermarkets are very popular around the country. In the metropolis city, Beijing houses many big supermarkets. Entering them, tourists are always dazzled by the great variety of goods in different brands. Many choices are just here!

Metro: In Chinese, Metro is translated into Mai De Long which is a German supermarket known by great quantity and cheap price. This supermarket accepted the VIP customers with membership card only.

Watsons: In Chinese, Watsons is translated into Qu Chen Shi which is mainly for the cosmetics and personal products. Around Beijing, there are many branches established offering various choices.

Carrefour: Translated in Jia Le Fu, the supermarket is one of the largest chain brands in China. Scattering all over Beijing city, this supermarket offered the Free Carrefour Shuttle Bus to convenient the customers.