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Top Chinese Souvenirs

As a dazzling country, China housed profound history and deep traditional culture. Nowadays, it has becomes the must-explore place for experiencing holidays. However, in addition to the top highlights, Chinese souvenirs are also the touring destination.

Chinese Silk: With deep cultural connotation, Chinese Silk experienced long history. Its mystery and typical value deserved all the tourists for appreciating. Famous Silk Road appeared as the treasure of history. Typical texture, smooth, bright features make silk become the most suitable materials for clothes.

Chinese Jade: As the most valuable decoration in the silver and gold, jade has influenced long times in people's daily life. Typical texture and special color gave it another meaning storing the soul. Nowadays, it has become a very popular decoration in the people.

Chinese Painting: Being divided three genres, Chinese Painting is also the production of history. From the simple to the complex, Chinese Painting is improving day and day. With the economy developing faster, tools and the colors as well as the styles of Chinese Painting all changed!