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Top Destination for Foliage Viewing in Beijing

For those who want to find the most popular thing to do while visiting Beijing in the fall, the fall foliage viewing in Lama Temple would be an excellent choice. A walk around the compound allows you to take in dazzling foliages all over the place.

Lama Temple in Autumn

Architecture of Lama Temple
Lama Temple consists of Hall of Earthly King, Lama Temple Basilica, Hall of Eternal Blessing, Hall of Dharma Wheel and Ten-thousand-happiness Pavilion, as well as side palaces and Four Academic Halls (Hall of Scripture Preaching, Esoteric Hall, Mathematic Hall and Medical Master Hall). In Lama Temple Basilica, there are three copper Buddhist statues on the front, a standing Kwan-yin statue in the northeast corner, a standing Maitreya statue and 18 arhats statues on the flank sides. In the south courtyard stand 3 grand towers, a giant screen wall and a pair of stone lions. Past the tower, there is a brick-paved path which is shaded by two lines of trees. To the north is the grand gate in Lama Temple. On the both sides of the gate stand the Drum and Bell Towers. Beside the towers stands a copper pot which is very heavy. Further northwards, there is a pavilion with eight bugles, with two inscribed tablet on both sides. Between two pavilions stands the Gate of Harmony and Peace. On the top of the gate hangs a giant inscribed board.

Other Highlights of Lama Temple
On the front of the gate stand a pair of lifelike bronze lions. In the middle of the Hall sits a lovely and funny Maitreya statue on the golden dragon chair. On the both sides are four colorful statues. Past the Lama Temple Basilica, there is the Hall of Eternal Blessing. It used to be the study and living room of prince Yong. In the middle of the hall are three Buddhist statues. Past the Hall of Eternal Blessing, it is the Hall of Dharma Wheel. On both sides stand Panchen Tower and Discipline Tower. On the top of this hall stand 5 blind-stories with 5 copper towers which are traditional Tibet styles. Hall of Dharma Wheel is a combination of Chinese cultures and Tibet cultures. In the middle of the hall sits a giant copper Buddhist statue who is a founder of Tibetan Buddhism. On the back of this statue is a fabulous wooden carving group exquisitely made out of purple sander. In front of this carving lies a wooden tub carved with Nanmu. It is one of the three carving splendors in Lama Temple.

Overall, the Lama Temple has something for everyone when visited in the fall!