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Top Getaway in Beijing

Longqing Gorge

If you want to get away from the city noises and crowd while visiting Beijing, Longqing Gorge is not to be missed! Located in Yanqing County, the scenic area is 85 miles away from Beijing city. On both cliffs lie a great number of unique and bizarre rocks which are kind of picturesque and breathtaking. As one of Beijing 16 attractions, the views here combine the magnificence even beyond the Great Wall and the elegance of the south of Yangtze River. The Gucheng River which goes through Longqing Gorge was dammed and formed Gucheng Reservoir in 1980. The tourists can take the dragon elevator to see the reservoir and waterfall and take a boat to feast on the scenic views of the gorge.

There are 20-30 attractions worth seeing. The scenic area makes for top getaway for visitors to Beijing.