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Top Nightlife Haunt in Beijing - Sanlitun

A visit to Beijing won't be complete without soaking up the vibrant nightlife in Beijing. As dark sets in, the city comes alive with bars, clubs and neon-lights. At the mention of nightlife in Beijing, a night out to Sanlitun is like a dream come true for those looking for cool stuff to do.

Brief Info about Sanlitun
Bars in Sanlitun

Used to be a small village, Sanlitun is a favorite haunt for foreign expats and locals alike these days. Largest entertainment area across Beijing City, Sanlitun is jam-packed with dazzling arrays of bars, clubs and restaurants, etc… Over time, it has been hailed as an icon of nightlife in Beijing, trendy and luxury. The bars at Sanlitun are all exquisitely designed in diverse styles, especially the interior decorations. This is a place where fashion, trend, booze, music, neon are mixed. The visitors usually hang out here to drink, chat or just relax for a while. Some prefer to hang out here in the afternoon, when the street gives a laid-back feel with the sunlight elegantly and lazily dancing here and there, to savor a cup of coffee and tea or just lay back in a chair enjoying the people watch. While others just can't wait another minute to get down here as the night falls and the vibrant nightlife kicks off at Sanlitun.

Highlight Street at Sanlitun
Bars in Sanlitun

Highlight of highlights at Sanlitun, Sanlitun North Street is notoriously famous for its old complex architecture which houses a dazzling array of exotic bars and clubs as well as restaurants. Moreover, the legation quarter is also nestled nearby; therefore, the majority of the foreign expats tend to hang out in here. Iconic bars line up the street, including Poachers, Boys & Girls, Lang Gui Fang, Milan Club, The Tree, Public Space and Vogue, etc… With music ranging from classic to rock & roll kicks off, the street comes alive with customers and cars within just a few minutes. What's more, visitors can also venture deep down and pass through the legation quarter lined with exotic restaurants and boutique shops, where you will get a sense of the culture crash between the east and west.

To sum it up, Sanlitun is absolutely worth a stop-by during your trip to Beijing. A visit to Sanlitun will give you a quick look at the diversity of today's Beijing.