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Top 10 Places for Snow View in Beijing - (2)

Go on take you to find the best places to enjoy the snow in Beijing.

Ice Waterfall in Taoyuanxiangu

5. Taoyuanxiangu
The biggest characteristic of Taoyuanxiangu is you can have interesting games in snow, and close contact to snow. It has the most complete place and facilities for climbing ice in Beijing, and the place is a waterfall freeze into ice wall in winter. Compared with other snow and ice projects, climbing ice is easier and more adventure.

Gubeikou Great Wall Covers with White Snow

6. Gubeikou Great Wall
How can you image that the grand scenery of snow in the Great Wall? Better snow scenery in the sections of the Great Wall including Gubeikou Great Wall and Jiankou Great Wall. The two places all are wild Great Wall, freeze snow and ice, you seem to have full feelings the dignity standing in snow. But it is not very convenient to get to Jiankou Great Wall in winter, so the Gubeikou Great Wall is the better choice. Under not very difficult conditions, you can also enjoy the combination of Wohushan Mountain and Panlongshan Mountain.

Tanzhe Temple in Winter

7. Tanzhe Temple
Finding a temple and slow down your life step, you should have a quiet life style with Buddha. Clearing the snow in courtyard, you can return your heart and the four limbs to the simple ways. The most right place in suburbs of Beijing is the Tanzhe Temple, because of the short distance from Beijing downtown and the millennium ancient temple. It is gathered various old trees and pagodas, especially the environment when snow is much more beautiful and quiet.

Shichahai Lake with White Snow

8. Shi Cha Hai
Shi Cha Hai seems the most emotional appeal in Beijing. It is said that it has some views described in <A Dream in Red Mansions>, so some people said it is the chief source of showplace. The amounts of bars near Shi Cha Hai will let you enjoy another amorous feeling. Sitting close to the window in bar, you can have some connections in mind and memories and think nothing. In a word, the time has no wrinkle in the comfort of snow.

Blue Sky - White Road

9. Xiaowutai
Here is the most favorite place for outdoor activists in Beijing, of course, it has the most wild snow scenery. But it is dangerous to hike there in winter, so it just suggested to the people have outdoor exercise experiences.

Rickshaw in Snow on Both Sides of the Road

10. Hutong
Covered with snow, hutong has special atmosphere of Beijing. You can hear the shoots of street vendors at some corners, or meet a guy push a car with sugarcoated haws on a stick. The well=preserved hutong is in Houhai area, and the most typical is Nanluoguxiang. There are 8 symmetrical hutongs in west and east, seems like scolopendra, so it also known as the Scolopendra Street. Walking in snow, you could find more characteristic shops, bring you back to the ancient times.