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Top Place to Go in Beijing in Autumn

Beijing is a fun place to explore and there are plenty of fun things to do while in the city. The best time to visit the city is in the autumn days when it is cool and sunny outside. At the mention of top destinations to go in Beijing in the autumn days, the Beijing World Park is well worth a visit.

Beijing World Park

Brief Introduction to Beijing World Park
Beijing World Park has become more and more popular among the tourists from all over the world. It has become the most famous park in Beijing. It has attracted millions of people to unveil its myth every year. As an exotic park in Beijing, Beijing World Park has played an important role in promoting Beijing tourism.

The building material of the attractions are modeled on the original, with bronze, copper, gold, Liu Jin, wood carving, exquisite workmanship, realistic appearance, to maintain the original style. The park is well laid out according to the five continents, housing the miniature attractions of the 40 countries in the world 109 famous scenic sites as the main body. Highlight includes the most famous Egyptian pyramids, Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame de Paris, France America White House, Houses of Parliament, the Lincoln Memorial, Sydney Opera House of Australia building, Italy, India Taj Mahal, Egyptian pyramids terrace garden, American Colorado Grand Canyon, the China the Great Wall etc.

What to Explore in the Park
Beijing World Park hosts a large number of cultural performances and activities, such as the world customs parade, exotic dances of open theater, dynamic movie theater and so on. In the elephant park, you can make friends with the elephants and enjoy their various performances, as well as the performances by a few crocodiles. Every year, a large amount of foreign performance groups are invited to perform within Beijing World Park. During festivals and holidays, Beijing World Park will host a series of parades and activities for the tourists. The exotic car parades have become a spotlight of this park. All kinds of exotic customs are available in this park. The tourists can also access to a great many exotic instruments. These performances will offer the tourists a fantastic journey and experience in the autumn days. The attractions look even more beautiful as the whole park is decorated by the fall foliages.

Overall, the World Park is a great place to spend a weekend while visiting Beijing in autumn.