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Top Places to Pick Cherries in Beijing

A visit to Beijing in summer is not all about sightseeing. There is plenty more fun stuff to explore. Hand-picking cherries has become very popular among visitors to Beijing during summer days. It is a great way to get away from the fast pace of the metropolis and to take in rural China as well as enjoy succulent cherries. Here are some top destinations to enjoy cherry-picking in Beijing.

Daxidi Cherry Orchard
Cherry Picking in Beijing

Daxidi Cherry Orchard is a popular tourist resort sits on the hillside. In addition to pick cherries, visitors can also do a sightseeing tour, as the resort is surrounded by mountains, streams and dams, offering stunning scenery. The restaurant on water offers taste of the farm food, and holds regular meditation, yoga theme activities. With a different culture and a rustic style layout and cherries, the orchard is absolutely wonderful choice for those who want to enjoy cherry-picking in Beijing. With a visit to Daxidi Cherry Orchard visitors can also take in the fresh air and abundant sunshine.

Daxidi Cherry Orchard covers half the mountain, the temperature difference between day and night higher than the ground orchards, so the cherry boasts rich sugar, acidity, making the orchard the most suitable destination for fresh cherries. Sitting by the water, enjoying the newly-picked cherries, or sample Daxidi mountain dishes - all gives you an essential Chinese experience. In addition to the sightseeing here, visitors can crash for the night here. Sitting in the yard of the bar to drink the fresh, delicious cherry juice, visitors can also listen to a lot of very good music, browsing through the house full of books and magazines.

Cherry Valley
Cherry Picking in Beijing

Cherry Valley is another popular destination for picking cherries and the cherries are very cheap and delicious here. In Cherry Valley, the top of the head is blue sky and white clouds of flowers, all covered with fruit, cherry forest, making the valley look like a fairyland. Cherry Valley sits in the valley, as the name suggests it is filled with cherry trees, until all the cherries are ripe, the whole valley will become a world of purple and red, even the valley wind contains some cherry flavor. Under the sun, purple and red cherry looks like dyeing wax, making people reluctant to pick. With the cherries all over the branches, it is easy to hand pick a cluster of the cherries.

Overall, hand-picking cherries in Beijing is fun and an essential Chinese experience!